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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Dream Vacation and Bahamas Islands !

With miles of crystal-clear water, kilometres of white sand beach, and 16 essential islands, the Bahamas can be considered a place to spend a fantasy vacation. Additionally, there is a huge variety of marine life to explore, water sports, delicious neighbouring cuisine, stores, restaurants, and amazing nightlife.

The Bahamas Islands

Location of Bahamas

The Bahamas is about 90 miles off the coast of Florida which makes it ideal for a twin destination holiday – imagine the Bahamas and Miami in one vacation! With over 700 islands and 2,400 cays, the Bahamas islands offer an overwhelming amount of things to do and see, from snorkelling over the famous wreck from the James Bond movie thunder ball, to exploring the natural beauty of the National Park. Take a yacht tour and swim with dolphins ( and sharks if you are brave enough!), or enjoy a round of golf, and cool off with a relaxing drink on the Bahamas' most famous “picture postcard” Cable Beach.

Marine life

Learning to Dive is a wonderful experience that will enable you to touch and see creatures of the deep that you would never get to meet any other way. Local Dive operators supply equipment and offer classes for unguided dives all over the Bahamas, You can qualify as a scuba driver in a few short lessons in the Bahamas and then simply hire equipment and dive at your leisure. Dolphin dives are an amazing experience, swim alongside these friendly, intelligent mammals, and if you are looking to broaden your knowledge about the Coral reef habitat then an Eco dive is perfect.

Capital of Bahamas: Nassau Town

Nassau Town, the capital, has many restaurants, bars and retails stores that sell cheap duty free goods to take home from your Bahamas Holiday from all around the world, best buys are leather goods, watches and fine linen. While you are there why not take a walk up the Water Tower where you can see the whole of the Island or stroll around the library that was once a prison.

Sea World Explorer

Sea World Explorer allows you to admire the sea inside a Submarine. This kind of activity is located around the Islands of Grand Bahamas and New Providence and is a tour not to be missed for the photo opportunities alone.


If you enjoy active nightlife there are a wide range of Clubs, casinos, live music venues and local performing arts groups. If you are lucky enough to be on the islands in June, the Junkanoo is a fantastic way of finding out about the Islands' culture and history. There are costume-making exhibitions, dancing and other carnival activities and to feed your appetite, are many fish fry stalls.

Undoubtedly, the Bahamas are the most practical island paradise. The Bahamas provide something for everyone.




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