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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

5 Ways Desire Affects Our Lives

What is desire?

Desire is a want to do or possess something. ‍To progress in life, you must have a basic desire. Struggle or striving cannot exist without desire. The ability to progress, develop, and have a burning desire to accomplish more are all examples of desire.

5 Ways Desire Affects Our Lives

Desires become the driving force to move us forward in life :

Desires create traits that are needed for success. It's the ability to use all of your shortcomings, weaknesses, criticisms, and biases against you and your background while remaining upbeat.

Desire drives us to pursue our goals and abilities to use our power to do what is necessary. The reason why the wish, areas of strength, still up in the air and nonstop, will most often create the object desired is thus immediately understood.

Desires perpetuate positive energy within us:

You have a small voice within your head that cautions you against giving up too quickly. It's the bizarre capacity to resist sleeping in because you have more important things to do. Your objectives are protected by it. It is the demolisher of defences. When you know you should, you should be confident enough to request something a second time.

For example, even if you didn't do well in some of your classes as a student, your desire to succeed drives you to put in more effort until you accomplish in your objective. ‍

One desire leads to  another :

We all go through cycles of internal desires that come and go. Without this steady flow of desire, there would be no incentive to accomplish anything; life would come to a standstill, just as it does for individuals who lose the capacity to desire.

To have one wish for today and another for tomorrow predicts disappointment. Working for one goal this year and a different goal the following year is the best approach to eliminate handedness at the conclusion of each year. Be confident of what you need before using the force of your wants since you might have to accept what you get. On the odd occasion that you are unsure of what you need, strive for improved decision-making and clarity.

Uncontrolled desires make us greedy!

Some people think that without a healthy dosage of greed, a particular person, community, or society may lack the will to advance. In summary, ambition is fueled by greed. Others believe that human beings' tendency toward greed is simply a coping mechanism for life's existential concerns. Since our possessions continue to exist after we pass away, it might even be a way to survive death. In this context, isn't greed just a reality of life? Why don't we just accept it?

 It is also true that a lot of prosperous civilizations are motivated by greed. According to some, political systems designed to restrain greedy behaviour have frequently led to poverty, chaos, and other unfavourable effects. I think that, just like other aspects of life, there must be a balance in order to control greed. like every potential Then, we must remember that relying entirely on one force does not ensure the achievement of any certain goal. It is occasionally possible to perform miracles just via the strength of a focused desire, but usually speaking, it is imperative to utilise the full range of human potential. However, one of the best things we could possibly receive is the capacity to fully express desire with regard to the best gifts we could possibly receive.

Manifesting power through desire: 

 Desire is frequently expressed as a need for power and control, and the urge to become a parent may be driven by a hidden desire to exert control over one's own children. The need for power can be seen as being driven by both aggressive and sexual wants, with the need for authority being primarily related to aggressive impulses. People in positions of power, whether financial, social, or political, including politicians, leaders, managers, and directors, frequently exhibit a strong desire to dominate and control others. The need for power drives the need to acquire more money, fame, or a certain social status, and it also drives the desire to exercise control in order to protect and look after others.


In short ----

Will, desire, and belief are the three components that influence intention. A Being could not act unless it had the want to do so, the will to do so, and the desire to do so without the satisfaction that would come from doing so. Its nature will determine what makes it happy. Its mind determines what it is inherently.






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